Editor's Corner: .mobi is coming

Despite some early controversy, the new .mobi top-level domain is gearing up to accept registrations. Standards purists object to linking a domain name to a specific device or service and would prefer that browsers negotiate with the server for a mobilized version of the site through a software protocol.

Russ Beattie lays out the case for the domain: Mobile devices really would benefit from knowing if a site will work on their phone simply by looking at the URL. If everything goes according to plan, users can simply guess "yahoo.mobi" rather than having to know "wap.oa.yahoo.com."

Regardless of how you feel, .mobi domains are coming. MTLD says registration will begin next month, first to limited industry groups, then to companies with trademarked names, and finally, in August, to individuals through common domain resellers like GoDaddy and VeriSign. - Eli

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