Editor's Corner: Mobile search continues to heat up

Mobile search is seen by many as the key to luring the mobile masses away from the carrier portal and out onto the Internet. So, understandably, there's quite a bit of competition among mobile search providers. Google has made the most recent move with the announcement of a new edition of its WAP-based search engine that uses XHTML to restrict the search results to sites that will display properly on a small screen. That's the theory anyway; in practice, I found that many of the results still looked awful on my phone, but I guess that's the nature of the Web. Yahoo is reportedly working on a similar search service that allows site owners to manual include their sites in a "made for mobile" database.

Of course, mobile search isn't limited to the brand-name Web search engines. Last month,  Fast Search and Transfer, which makes the search technology used by LexisNexis and other major ventures, announced the development of a mobile search service called mSearch. This is definitely one area of mobile software development that I will keep an eye on. - Eli