Editor's Corner: Mobile TV

Ericsson announced this week that interactive TV is the future of mobile media. I've said before that I'm not a big believer in mobile TV. All the mobile TV solutions I've seen are buggy and difficult to use. Moreover, I'm not sure that users really want to watch traditional TV programs or movies on such a small screen (and they certainly don't want bigger devices). Interactive TV has a lot of potential, but only if it's truly interactive, not just voting for my favorite pop singer. Sadly, I don't think Ericsson's vision is more "TV" than "interactive."

Sony, meanwhile, has signed a deal with AtomFilms to support the PSP. This is a great deal because AtomFilms' short features are much more practical for a mobile user due to time and memory limitations. I'm also much more likely to watch something on a mobile phone that I can't readily see on a regular TV. Now, if only I could easily share these videos with my friends, create new ones, and build a community, I think Sony would really have something. - Eli