Editor's Corner: Mobilizing the Enterprise

Long-time readers of this space know that I believe the mobile enterprise market is overlooked and under-served. What's the problem? According to this article by Daniel Taylor, the industry needs an enterprise-centric VAR. Mobile operators believe they are offering a complete channel to enterprise customers, but that's because they're the only game in town. Taylor suggests a three-tier distribution model for enterprise mobility. IDC agrees. In a recent report, IDC analysts concluded that there is a clear need for "a set of affordable [mobile application] solutions from small to mid-sized VARs and systems integrators."

Nearly four years ago, Carlo Longino wrote that, "the chain is begging for a service integrator to pull all these separate pieces together and to keep an eye on them from the end-user perspective..." The carriers tried to provide this level of service but, in my opinion, have not lived up to promises. There is more than enough room for new methods of bringing mobility to the enterprise. Bring it on! - Eli