Editor's Corner: Return of the N-Gage?

Nokia's N-Gage, which I declared dead nearly a year ago, is still kicking. And Nokia is planning the next stage of its evolution as a gaming platform spread across several S60 devices.

The successor to the N-Gage isn't slated to debut until 2007, but All About Symbian has put together a great article summarizing what we know about the new games and devices. It's not clear if the new phones will bear the N-Gage name, but they will certainly be in the spirit of the N-Gage (hopefully without the design and marketing issues that plagued the earlier iterations of the N-Gage).

P.S. A big thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the iAnywhere webinar last week. If you missed "Web in Motion: Competitive Advantage through Mobile Web Applications," you can still watch the archived event and download the slides. There are some great slides in there, so check it out! -Eli