Evans Data: Developers do not trust mobile client and cloud security

Developers in North America don't put a lot of trust in the cloud and mobile clients and this could be impacting product innovation. According to new survey conducted by Evans Data Corp., developers believe that external public clouds and mobile clients are more vulnerable to security breaches, by a substantial margin, than other networked technologies.

North American Developer survey

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When asked, "Which of the following is the area where security is most vulnerable?" more than 30 percent of developers indicated that external public clouds present the greatest risk. More than 20 percent said the mobile client is the most vulnerable. The PC client was next, with a response rate of less than 20 percent. Internal data centers and network infrastructure were perceived as far less vulnerable.

Developers' dual-concerns about mobile client and cloud security are significant given the North American market's heavy dependence on mobile devices to access data and the increasing use of cloud-based platforms for mobile applications and services, such as social media, to transmit personal information.

Privacy and security issues are still being identified and debated in the industry. Thus, they are affecting developers as they work behind the scenes on their software products. While developer attention to these issues is important and necessary, it may be redirecting their work away from product innovation. This research also suggests that industry guidance or best practices on how to deal with security issues, tailored to the developer community, would find a receptive audience.