Facebook ends in-app chat, and developers have lots to say

Developers, like many consumers, would like to have a little chat with Facebook regarding a recent decision about its Messenger app. 

The social network began notifying users they will have to download Facebook Messenger if they want to send or receive messages on the platform using an iOS or Android device. This is a much different direction than Facebook has taken in the past, where full-featured messaging was always available within its main apps. 

It was hard to find anyone with a mobile development background on Twitter who had anything positive to say about the decision once word got out. 


For some, this marked the beginning of the end with their Facebook account, at least via mobile.


Even the few who didn't seem riled up by the Facebook Messenger news didn't have much to say beyond the fact it was inevitable or intriguing. 


As for those who never liked in-app chat on Facebook, there was a sunny side to all this.