Facebook 'undisputed leader' in mobile advertising, study shows

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) earned the top spot in the power rankings for every category and region among platforms included in a new mobile advertising study from mobile marketing analytics platform provider AppsFlyer. 

The study, titled "AppsFlyer Performance Index Mobile World Congress (MWC) Special Edition," revealed Facebook serves as the "undisputed leader" in mobile advertising, ranking first among the top media sources for retention.

"Being a successful digital marketer in 2016 is hard. Being a successful mobile marketer is even harder," AppsFlyer wrote in its report. "With competition in the mobile app ecosystem exploding, targeting the right users is critical for success."

  • Twitter was one of the best sources of retention on Android, ranking first and second in gaming and non-gaming, respectively.

  • Social ads performed better on Android with Twitter and Facebook retention ranking second and third compared to ninth and fourth on iOS, respectively.  

  • Video ad networks had a roughly 30 percent to 90 percent higher retention rate than other networks in the index.

  • Video networks AdColony, Vungle and Unity delivered the best retention with an 85 percent higher rate than the average of other networks in the index's top 30. 

AppsFlyer iOS global Top 30 2016

(Source: AppsFlyer)

So what do the study results mean for app developers? 

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can help developers promote their apps and extend their global reach. Furthermore, video ad networks can deliver significant results, particularly for developers who design and deploy apps that meet their target audiences' needs. 

Also, it is important for developers to consider innovative ways to market their apps, especially if they want to ensure their apps are discovered consistently. 

A recent study from market research institute GfK and Facebook Insights, for example, highlighted the importance of building apps for "visual discovery."

The study of 2,400 omni-channel shoppers revealed 70 percent of respondents said they believe website and app experiences can be improved, and brands that focus on enhancing the user experience could boost their app retention levels. 

"There is an opportunity for brands to ease the browsing and buying experience and rekindle the magic of being in-store -- on mobile," Facebook Insights wrote in a blog post

Having the ability to promote an app through Facebook, Twitter, video ad networks and other sources is secondary to providing users with a great overall app experience. 

For app developers, the user experience remains paramount, and those who explore new ways to deliver user-friendly apps will ensure these offerings garner attention from consumers across the globe. 

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