Facebook unveils push campaigns for mobile developers

(Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Editor's CornerDan Kobialka

Facebook is "pushing" mobile application developers to connect with their target audiences like never before.

The social network has launched push campaigns to empower iOS and Android developers to target consumers based on their in-app actions.

Push campaigns are available via Facebook Analytics for Apps, and as Marketing Land noted, they may allow mobile developers to "strike a balance between pushing people to use their apps and not coming across as too pushy."

Target, the second-largest retailer in the United States, was one of the early push campaign adopters. Target offers the Cartwheel app to notify customers about offers and deals. With Facebook's push campaigns, Target can now leverage Cartwheel user data to learn about its customers, pinpoint specific audiences based on that information and provide customers with relevant offers and deals via Facebook ads and push notifications.

"Push campaigns make it easy to notify our customers about our best deals and deep link into the relevant offers section in our app," Target senior director Sarah Peterson Post said, according to a blog post. "This capability can make a huge difference to our team as we approach the important holiday season."

Ultimately, push campaigns may offer immense value for mobile developers who want to boost their app conversion rates and user engagement, particularly when considering how push campaigns can be used in conjunction with other Facebook Analytics for Apps tools.

Facebook Analytics for Apps allows mobile developers to evaluate audience demographics such as age, gender and country. The mobile analytics service also enables developers to find out if a user makes in-app purchases, how often a user leverages an app and other user information.

Moreover, the user data provided via Facebook Analytics for Apps is designed to help mobile developers produce push campaigns that include relevant Facebook ads and push notifications to engage consumers. And perhaps best of all, Facebook Analytics for Apps is available for free.