Flash Lite's role in the BREW ecosystem

At last year's BREW 2006 conference, Qualcomm and Adobe Systems announced they were developing a beta program to bring Adobe's multimedia Flash player technology to BREW handsets. By late October, applications based on Flash Lite were commercially available from Verizon Wireless, making it the first U.S. operator to offer Flash Lite content on mobile phones and the first operator worldwide to offer Flash applications in BREW. The use of Flash Lite to create content for mobile phones is still fairly new but we expect Adobe and other firms at BREW 2007 to be touting Flash for its ability to produce applications for high volume mass market phones. Initially, Verizon offered Flash Lite for BREW on four handsets but it has added nine more since the October launch. Verizon's expanding selection of handsets, and Adobe's support of Flash Lite for BREW, is a strong signal for developer considering Flash Lite.