Flurry data on paid iOS app decline doesn't surprise developers

The best things in life are free, and for the most part that includes mobile apps, according to a recent research report from Flurry.

Last week, the analytics firm released a study that showed a sharp drop in the willingness of consumers to pay for downloads, partly in the iOS market, where 90 percent of the top apps are free.

Developers on Twitter were the first to admit the truth of Flurry's findings.

Perhaps as expected, there were some initial negative reactions to the data.

As a few developers pointed out, though, advertising and premium pricing aren't the only mechanisms for devs to make money.

Several people noted there were some parallels to be drawn between mobile apps and earlier forms of media.

Whatever the current trend, Twitter users watching the app space said it will be up to developers to think their way out of their monetization challenges.