FlyCast premieres cross-platform app development ecosystem

Smartphone entertainment provider FlyCast announced the introduction of appMobi, a new development ecosystem promising web developers the tools to create rich native applications for smartphones via Adobe DreamWeaver and Microsoft Visual Studio. According to FlyCast, the free appMobi suite will span the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems, offering "write once, deploy everywhere" capabilities that support cross-platform application creation, deployment and monetization--apps are created using common HTML and Javascript as well as open-source PhoneGap tools, including development libraries and a cross-platform emulator. In addition, FlyCast will open up its internal development tools to bolster PhoneGap with content management solutions, advertising (targeting, insertion and tracking), cloud services, realtime updating, reporting and payment and subscription tools. FlyCast also will provide enhanced certification, QA and support around the PhoneGap-based APIs.

FlyCast will release a preview of appMobi to select developers on Jan. 22--for information on participating in the preview, click here. The ecosystem will open wide on March 1.

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