FrameFree Studio offers BREW extension

By Nathan Eddy Motion imagery compression and authoring company FrameFree Technologies announced that its FrameFree Studio animation software will support BREW. Rie Akiyoshi, who is part of FrameFree’s international business development group, says the extensions will be well-suited to mobile game developers, as well as many other creative applications. “This technology perfectly matches with a mobile game application as this extension will help a developer create a unique, interesting and smooth content,” Akiyoshi says. “For example, the extension will make the transition between scenes smoother since our decoder and encoder has developed with the world's most advanced pixel-matching and interpolation engine.” The extension also will allow developers and publishers to include “cut scenes” in video which can enhance mobile game play. “Using FrameFree, game developers can embed pristine movies without bloating the size of the game,” Akiyoshi says. Developing the Critical Point Filer (CPF) algorithms for the BREW platform was the company’s greatest development challenge, Akiyoshi says as well as not being able to access test phones early enough. The extensions also have several camera phone functions, including movie sharing between users, mash-ups and “anti-jitter and de-blur algorithms” to improve camera phone focus accuracy. “We believe that working with Qualcomm to bring FrameFree Studio to wireless publishers and developers via the BREW Extension Program is a further illustration of our commitment to the ‘author once, publish anywhere’ concept for digital artists and content creators,” she says. “The quality of BREW enables us to bring our exciting technology to this medium and provide the mobile market immediate access to extremely advanced digital imaging software.” UPDATE: Rie Akiyoshi is part of Framefree's international business development group, not the head of global marketing and technologies at the company.