Frengo unveils OpenSocial Mobile Toolkit

Social media and entertainment solutions provider Frengo announced the launch of its OpenSocial Mobile Toolkit, leveraging its mobile toolkit for the wildly popular social networking site Facebook to enable developers to extend their web-based applications for other social networking services to the mobile platform. According to Frengo, the OpenSocial Mobile Toolkit includes SMS alerts and mobile web services like WAP site hosting, handset recognition and transcoding, promising developers an easy transition from the web to mobile as well as an intuitive user experience. Frengo also provides rich photo/image handling from the mobile device, traffic monetization, advertising brokering and premium billing services.

Frengo CEO Mahi de Silva said the company now serves about 10 million active users across a variety of channels, yielding an average of 300 million pageviews per month. "Mobile social networking is about things that keep [consumers] informed and entertained--it's about sharing ideas, social calendars and interacting with other people," de Silva said in an interview with FierceDeveloper. "It's also about engaging in things that make social networking attractive, like searching profiles, finding interesting people and making new friends. Everything you can do on the web, you can do on the phone. As other networks open to developers, we're going to see significant growth over the next year, especially as social networking goes from premium to ad-supported content."