Google has been hinting a new OS called 'Fuchsia.' Is it an Android replacement?

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Google appears to be working on a brand new operating system, codenamed "Fuchsia" on its GitHub page, but it's not yet clear whether the tech giant intends it to be an Android replacement or to fulfill another purpose.

The Verge reported that Google has yet to comment on Fuchsia, but the OS currently exists as a series of code located on GitHub and Google's code depository.

Fuchsia details are scarce, but we know that the OS is built on Magenta, a "medium-sized microkernel" that is designed for use in embedded systems.

In addition, some mobile experts have speculated Fuchsia may be designed for augmented reality (AR) interfaces, while others noted it could support hardware such as Google's OnHub router or third-party Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Even the release date of Fuchsia remains up in the air. However, rumors persist that Google is developing a new OS that combines Chrome OS and Android – an OS that may or may not be Fuchsia – that could be released next year.

Meanwhile, Fuchsia ultimately may prove to be a viable Windows alternative. 


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