Fueled tops GoodFirms' list of top app development companies

Daniel Kobialka, FierceDeveloperWhich application development companies rank as the best of the best? App development research firm GoodFirms recently highlighted some of the top app development businesses, noting these companies are likely to deliver essential support as the demand for mobile app development services increases over the next few years.

The results were interesting to say the least -- here's a closer look at GoodFirms' top five app development companies:

  1. Fueled – With clients ranging from startups like mobile keymaker KeyMe to fast food chain Wendy's, perhaps it's easy to understand why Fueled topped GoodFirms' list.

  2. WillowTree – WillowTree's extensive portfolio includes Harvard Business Publishing's iPad app and GSN Games' "Scrabble Cubes" app, among others.

  3. Fuzz – From apps created for the New York Post to GNC, Fuzz has helped clients both big and small develop distinct apps.

  4. Y Media Labs – Since 2009, Y Media Labs has strived to create "revolutionary mobile products" and has created custom apps for Staples, EMC and many other globally recognized brands.

  5. OpenXcell TechnoLabs – This India-based company has partnered with Google and other Fortune 500 companies to deliver user-friendly apps.

So how did these companies reach the top of GoodFirms' list? A GoodFirms spokesperson told me the company's list features "Market Leaders" in the app development space.

"They are Market Leaders because they are experts in their chosen area of development and are good at making persistent efforts that surpass client expectations. These companies have got pretty high scores based on our assessment of their quality, reliability and strength of references, portfolio, market penetration, experience, app development and app design capabilities," the spokesperson noted.

Becoming a Market Leader, however, requires an uphill climb. And even though app development businesses like Fueled and WillowTree were able to reach the top of the list, there's no guarantees these companies will be able to maintain their positions.

"Apart from the firms mentioned as Market Leaders, we have many others as strong contenders that gave them tough competition and can soon emerge and rise up in the list over the next year," the GoodFirms spokesperson added.

Market Leaders possess specific traits that help them succeed in a highly competitive app development market. And in order to become a Market Leader, GoodFirms pointed out an app development business must focus on several key areas:

  • Quality – Ensuring only the best-quality product gets delivered by focusing on aggressive testing and bug fixing before the final product launch.

  • Reliability – Maintaining high-quality professionalism, a commitment to delivering on timeframes and schedules and continuous and timely communication.

  • Ability – Deploying the best app development and design offerings by capitalizing on coding skills and taking ownership of projects.

Emerging as a Market Leader requires patience and hard work, particularly in the app development space. Fortunately, the GoodFirms report highlights the successes of various app development business and provides insights into what it takes to become a Market Leader over an extended period of time.

Of course, GoodFirms' list represents just one set of criteria that can be used to evaluate app development companies. 

Business-to-business (B2B) reviews website Clutch, for instance, named Raizlabs and ArcTouch, among others, as Market Leaders in its Top Mobile Application Developers – Leaders Matrix. And even a basic Google search reveals many app development businesses claim to be the "top mobile app development company," too.

But ultimately, GoodFirms' list and similar rankings can provide substantial value to app development businesses. Earning a spot on one of these lists provides instant publicity as well as additional credibility for an app development company, both of which are essential for any business that wants to promote its brand.--Dan