GetJar launches mobile app conversion tracking tools

Multi-platform application storefront GetJar announced the introduction of new conversion tracking tools enabling developers to measure downloads across the Android, BlackBerry, Flash, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. The automated GetJar process enables developers to analyze software performance broken down by phone, country and network, offering insight into where their apps run and where they don't. The Conversion API also complements GetJar's Pay Per Download promotion system, enabling developers to better manage their cost per active user and optimize their marketing efforts, and works with the firm's white-label App Download Page service, giving developers the flexibility to monitor downloads from their own websites. For more information and documentation, click here

GetJar now boasts more than 65,000 mobile applications in all. Consumers in over 200 countries have downloaded more than 900 million apps, second only to Apple's App Store.

For more on the GetJar conversion tools:
- read this release

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