Google expels game emulator apps from Android Market

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) abruptly removed a series of popular videogame console emulator applications from its Android Market storefront. Engadget reports that Google deleted titles including Nesoid, Snesoid, N64oid, Ataroid and Gameboid as well as developer Yong Zhang's Android developer account--Zhang has already migrated several apps to third-party storefront SlideME, where they'll be free for the foreseeable future, enabling existing customers to download updates without paying a second time.

In March, Google booted premium PlayStation game emulator PSX4Droid, stating "We remove apps from Android Market that violate our policies." Developer ZodTTD later released a free version available for download from his personal website.

Earlier this year, Google removed gaming website Kongregate's Arcade, contending the browser-based solution--which offers users access to over 300 free Flash-based games--was illicitly installing apps. Google soon reintroduced Kongregate Arcade after a number of subtle but significant tweaks, including leveraging the standard browser cache to store its "offline" files instead of "explicitly downloading and managing games on the SD card."

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