Google kills Bump and Flock: Developers say good-bye

Four years. More than 125 million downloads. Some one billion photos sent. And yet, users of Bump and Flock, acquired by Google for $30 million late last year, will soon see their apps cease to function and all their user data deleted.

Bump and Flock were popular file-sharing apps from Bump Technologies, but as Google puts Bump's employees to work on its own projects, Bump's founders announced the Bump and Flock apps will be shut down and removed from the app stores as of Jan. 31.

Of course, no one likes their favorite apps killed--and Bump and Flock were no exception based on the reaction from developers on Twitter. 

For those who follow this space, though, such decisions are par for the course.

Some wondered if there was still a viable need for something like Bump or Flock, and whether similar tools would survive.

At least one developer, however, seized the closure of Bump and Flock as a marketing opportunity:

In the end, of course, developers and Bump and Flock users will move on.