Google launches Playbook for Developers, provides tips for Android developers

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has launched Playbook for Developers, a mobile app that provides developers with tips to help them grow their businesses on Google Play. 

Playbook for Developers offers curated blog posts and videos designed to teach developers how to create and deploy Android apps, boost audience engagement and earn more revenue on Google Play, according to Google. 

In addition, Playbook for Developers empowers users to explore Google's developer products and stay up to date on the latest Google Play features and best practices. 

The mobile app even features awe-inspiring loading screens. 

Ultimately, Playbook for Developers may help Android developers discover what it takes to maximize their revenues on Google Play.

Playbook for Developers also could help Google increase its mobile operating system market share.

However, Google may need to consider incorporating additional Android documentation into Playbook for Developers to further assist developers in the future.