Google previews Android 3.0, updates SDK tools

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) issued a preview of its Android 3.0 software development kit in advance of the official release of the new mobile operating system update (a.k.a. "Honeycomb"), which introduces a holographic UI theme alongside a new interaction model building on signature features like multitasking, notifications and widgets. Designed from the ground up to support large-screen devices like tablets, Android 3.0 enables developers to leverage new UI components, updated themes, richer widgets and notifications, drag and drop, and additional features--a built-in renderer supports 2D visual effects, while the new Renderscript graphics engine supports 3D animations.

Android 3.0 also supports both single- and dual-core processors for optimal application performance, rich multimedia features like HTTP Live streaming support, a pluggable DRM framework and MTP/PTP-based media file transfer, and new APIs for Bluetooth A2DP and HSP to enable audio streaming and headset control. Also new: Administrative enhancements for enterprise apps, like encrypted storage and password expiration.

With Android 3.0 imminent, Google updated its SDK Tools (r9), NDK (r5b) and ADT Plugin for Eclipse (9.0.0). UI Builder enhancements in the ADT Plugin include improved drag-and-drop, with enhanced support for included layouts; in-editor preview of objects animated via the new animation framework; and visualization of UI based on any version of the platform, independent of project target. For more information, click here.

Google adds that apps developed with the Android 3.0 Platform Preview are restricted from publishing on Android Market. A final, Android Market-ready SDK will follow in the weeks ahead.

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