Google releases Donut update for Android developers

Google quietly released the latest update for its Android mobile software platform--codenamed "Donut" (following in the dessert-themed tradition established via predecessor "Cupcake"), the update reportedly contains new features including multi-touch support, universal search, text-to-speech, automated backups and a redesigned camera app.  The Boy Genius Report adds that Donut also boasts a series of widgets built into the Android user interface, offering greater control over features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and screen brightness.

Also worth noting: Donut looks to include CDMA radio support, paving the way for Verizon Wireless and Sprint to issue Android-powered handsets. Last week, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said his company is a supporter of the operating system, but has chosen to wait until Android 2.0 officially debuts to release its first Android device. "The reviews say now it's ready for prime time," Hesse said during an appearance at Fortune's Brainstorm: Tech conference. "It wasn't when it first came out."

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