Google's developer community celebrates its partnership with Unity on social media

Android developers have probably been asking themselves this question for months: tvOs is great and all, but why should those operating in Apple's ecosystem have all the fun? Google's remote plugin for Unity on Google Cast may be considered a thoughtful response to that question.

The company recently announced it would be offering a quick and easy way to let app makers offer a mechanism for bringing their games to TV screens. Though certainly not unexpected given the prominence of the Apple TV announcement a few months back, it was the kind of thing that quickly generated largely positive response on social media.

In fact, Unity was among the first to tweet out the news from its mobile gaming partner:  

Some of the Twitter reactions sounded like a long but satisfied exhale.

In others, it was a simple but significant cheer:

It's too early to say how Google will evolve the TV mobile game options for developers, but the community can hardly wait to see its strategy expand.