Google unveils Pixel, its answer to the iPhone

EE's black Google Pixel smartphone
Image: Google

Google has unveiled a smartphone that may change the way mobile developers see Android devices.

The company this week introduced its Pixel smartphone, a device that features an all-day battery, unlimited photo and video storage and a Google Assistant to help end users receive instant responses to any questions, at any time.

As Google's answer to the iPhone, the Pixel features both Google hardware and software. The Pixel is designed to provide end users with a "fast, seamless and easy-to-use experience," Google asserted. Some of the handset's features include:

  • Glass-aluminum body
  • AMOLED screen
  • The "highest-rated smartphone camera"

The Pixel may prove to be a valuable device, one that offers many benefits for mobile developers and consumers alike. However, Google likely has plenty of work ahead if it wants the Pixel to become a true "iPhone killer."

Google has also set the bar high for the Pixel, and as such, it may be difficult for Google to meet or surpass consumers' expectations.

Regardless, the Pixel will be available Oct. 20, and many consumers have already pre-ordered the device.