Hacking your iPhone: Windows Users

Having the most sought after handset isn't enough for some mobile phone users. We need to make our phones our own, and if there is one phone that we really want to personalize it's our iPhone. As a Windows user, you might think that the absence of a Mac would keep you from ever getting a new ringtone or game on your handset. Luckily, that's not the case. iBrickr is a ringtone and application manager for the PC and the iPhone. Download the iBrikr here.


Below is a video tutorial from Gear Live's Hack Attack. It includes instructions for installing and using iBrikr directly from the program's creator! He will walk you through the process and help prevent you from deleting the contents of your iPhone. This is a must watch for anyone wanting to use this program.



To get applications for your iPhone check out:

- Exploit.org's apps page

- Google's code page


Disclaimer: Hack your iPhone and download software from the above websites at your own risk. FierceDeveloper does not recommend that you do anything that might destroy your handset or computer. Hacking may also void your warranty.

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