The rumored 'Harry Potter Go' app appears to be a hoax

Pokémon Go has had a lot of success since it was released, but a similar AR app based on the Harry Potter books doesn't appear likely in the near future. Image credit: Brendon Thorne via Getty Images

A speculated augmented reality (AR) app based on the "Harry Potter" books appears unlikely in the near future.  

Rumors began last week that Pokémon Go developer Niantic would release a Harry Potter-based AR app after a source that appeared to represent Niantic claimed to have acquired rights to the title. So called "Harry Potter Go" would enable mobile gamers to cast spells, pick up wizard items and explore the Harry Potter universe.

As a result, many Pokémon Go and Harry Potter fans immediately began to dream about the potential of sorcery, wizardry and all that the Harry Potter universe could offer as part of an AR experience.

However, Gizmodo quickly put those rumors to rest, reporting that the original source was a hoax and that the company had no apparent plans to release a Harry Potter title.

Although the rumors were squashed, many mobile gamers continue to demand an AR title that brings the Harry Potter universe to life.