Seductive Mobile: Avoid app delays by overthinking them

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Sometimes, the best way to avoid app development cycle delays is to intentionally "overthink."

For example, consider Seductive Mobile, a Ukrainian app development company that creates native apps for startups and agencies.

Helen Petrashchuk, Seductive's vice president of sales and marketing, told FierceDeveloper that her company's main challenges involve delivering projects without delays and taking into account all client preferences.

To avoid such problems, Seductive focuses on improving its organizational processes consistently and using innovative tools throughout the app development cycle, Petrashchuk said.

In addition, Petrashchuk said the Seductive team does its "best to overthink" to incorporate end user feedback throughout the app development process.

"We try to avoid all misunderstanding at the beginning of the project," she stated. "We do our best to … include all requirements and expectations from clients when we start the prototype or development. It should be reflected in design and documentation in confluence where clients have access."

Seductive and the app development cycle

Seductive strives to produce apps that drive customer development to bolster market share growth and improved sales and loyalty, according to the company. As such, Seductive deploys a comprehensive app development process.

Petrashchuk said Seductive works in accordance with Agile and SCRUM methodologies and splits its app development process into sprints. In doing so, Seductive is better able to avoid build delays.

"This approach provides high-quality apps. And clients are satisfied, as development is done perfectly, rapidly and with a fixed price," Petrashchuk stated.

Seductive's app development cycle begins with a prototype, Petrashchuk stated. Seductive starts by exploring development specifications and approval criteria to be ready to deliver a prototype to a client within two weeks.

After the prototype stage, Seductive moves on to user interface design and animations, followed by development. The company also offers app demos and will collaborate with clients throughout the app development cycle to help them achieve their goals.

"Development should be aligned with business goals," Petrashchuk said. "We suggest developing solutions based on data and analytics and focusing on excellent execution."

On average, Seductive will involve four to five people in a project, and a typical project team includes:

  • Developer
  • Lead Developer
  • User Experience/User Interface Designer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Project Manager

Furthermore, Petrashchuk said Seductive uses myriad app development and project management tools, including:

  • Asana
  • Confluence
  • Jira
  • Invision
  • Trello

At the app development cycle's conclusion, Seductive will perform QA testing and provide post-launch support for bug-free app delivery and maintenance. This ensures Seductive can provide clients with effective, user-friendly apps that deliver long-lasting results. 

Seductive and its app development projects

Seductive has completed more than 50 mobile apps and 189 projects for startups and agencies over the past five years. Furthermore, an average Seductive project is completed within 300 to 1,000 hours with an average rate of $25 per hour, ensuring startups and agencies won't have to break their budgets to work with Seductive.

"Most of our clients are founders of startups, and we just assist them to bring their ideas to life," Petrashchuk said.

Some of Seductive's recent clients include:

  • Chocotravel – Allows users to compare and contrast flights and book flights
  • Gallery Guru – Serves as the "ultimate guide" to art exhibitions and galleries
  • Newskeeper – Offers news in an Instagram-style format
  • Massage Me Now – Enables users to find local therapists and book appointments
  • Stikey – Provides stickers for chats

Petrashchuk added that Seductive's work on SwipeIn, a mobile platform for IT contractors to search for assignments and connect with employees, has been her company's most exciting project to date. 

"The whole team is inspired by the potential success of [SwipeIn]," she noted. "It is an inspiring fact, that the founder has already signed several contracts with the investors as well as Microsoft."

The future of Seductive

Petrashchuk noted Seductive continues to accept new projects and boasts a high success rate. 

Seductive has 20 employees worldwide and has opened offices in Germany, Israel and North America. Moreover, Seductive's net income has increased 20 percent year-over-year, Petrashchuk said.

Going forward, Seductive will remain focused on providing clients with apps that drive customer development, increased market share and sales growth.

The Seductive team also maintains a commitment to developing Android and iOS apps on time – something that could help Seductive differentiate in a highly competitive global marketplace.

"You will be impressed with our friendly team and the work that Seductive Mobile has done, as well as the level of effort," Petrashchuk said. "As a result, the projects have a success: High-quality work, delivered on time and at a reasonable cost."