How devs are responding to Amazon's HTML5 monetization move

There are still some questions about whether HTML5 apps are the way of the future or just a problem to avoid, but Amazon is making at least one aspect of it a little easier: monetization. 

"Starting today, developers can set a list price for their web apps, giving them another way to monetize web content to Amazon Appstore customers in nearly 200 countries across the globe," wrote Amazon's Jesse Freeman in a blog post. "Prior to this update, web apps published to the Amazon Appstore were automatically set to free.  In the latest update developers can now set a list price in specific currencies based on the local markets they're publishing their web apps to. This is great news for developers looking to publish their first web app to the Amazon Appstore, and the feature is now retroactive to all web apps that have already been published."

The news immediately caught the attention of developers on Twitter, who sounded positive about the move. 

For a few experienced devs, Amazon's move could be what gets them thinking more seriously about Web apps again. 

As always, there was some suggestion that Amazon and others should have offered this kind of support for HTML5 from the get-go.

For the most part, though, devs seemed to see Amazon's move as a cause for industry-wide celebration.

No matter what Amazon or anyone else does, however, HTML5 will continue to have its dissenters.