How will developers and consumers 'like' Facebook's new install ads?

It's an approach to mobile marketing that could best be summed up in a single phrase: "Hey, remember me?"

Although Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has offered app install ads for some time, the social networking giant recently retooled them so developers and publishers can target consumers who have downloaded something but neglected to use it. The install ads can focus on specific features, content or products, the company said.

Developers and those involved in app marketing were immediately intrigued by Facebook's approach, based on their comments across Twitter.

The move resonated with what some experts have already indicated is a difficult path to engagement for most app developers.

Some suggested Facebook's revamped install ads don't go far enough...

...while others saw them as having a potentially negative impact on engagement.

Facebook is probably hoping the move will please developers, but in some cases, it may mean they have to think (and invest) more in their overall marketing plans.