Immersion cuts "hand-shake" deal with Nokia

Handset maker Nokia announced an agreement with Immersion to license the touch technology developer's VibeTonz tactile feedback system for its mobile devices. Per terms of the license, Immersion grants Nokia the rights to implement the VibeTonz Mobile Player in mobile handsets sold worldwide--Immersion will supply its VibeTonz SDK to the Forum Nokia developer community to design downloadable applications and content for VibeTonz-enabled devices.

The VibeTonz System delivers tactile feedback effects to make user interface features, applications and multimedia content downloads more intuitive. The VibeTonz Mobile Player is embedded in mobile devices, promising control over the vibration actuator to produce tactile cues in response to touchscreen presses, while the VibeTonz SDK provides cross-platform APIs and authoring tools for development and customization. According to Immersion, VibeTonz implementation also offers advantages including off-load dependence on sight and sound as well as improved execution time, error rate and information capacity.

"This license with Nokia supports the potential for very widespread use of our VibeTonz System--and the VibeTonz System supports the potential for a much fuller, more multi-sensory experience for users," said Immersion CEO Victor Viegas in a prepared statement. "With VibeTonz technology, Nokia can very purposefully access the sense of touch and add value throughout the mobile device."

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