InMobi: App interstitial ads converting for developers, publishers

The idea of interrupting an app experience with an ad that comes between screens may be scary to developers, but consumers seem to be warming up to "interstitials," based on a recent report from InMobi. The company gathered data from thousands of app promotions that ran across its network in the second quarter of this year. Some of the findings:

  • Up to 25 percent click-through and 10 percent conversions were seen on interstitial ads on the InMobi network.
  • The top five countries accounted for over 60 percent of the overall app downloads. This included the United States, India, Japan, China and Indonesia, but the United States led the pack at 33.8 percent.
  • While games represented the top downloaded category on the InMobi Network at more than 60 percent, many others trailed at less than 5 percent, including business and productivity (2.6 percent), social (1.1 percent) and travel (0.9 percent).
  • One out of every three app promotion campaigns on the InMobi network also ran on tablets.

InMobi's latest report finds consumers are warming up to interstitial ads, with up to 25 percent click-through and 10 percent conversions.

"Agreed it's a competitive marketplace out there. You don't know your user's Lifetime Value (LTV) and can't decide how much to spend on acquiring users. But not all apps are created equal," the report says. "Depending on what kind of app you have built and the country you target, the cost to drive a download (CPD) could vary significantly."

So much for native advertising. Lately the prevailing wisdom among marketing experts is to make ads so inconspicuous that they seem like a natural part of the app rather than something bolted on. However the InMobi report suggests that interstitials--which completely take over many websites when desktop users land on them--are becoming a viable approach to monetization. The report also shows that there can be significant differences in how developers and their marketing clients could hone in on specific locales and devices where there's either less competition or a surge of smartphone adoption. Later in the report, for example, there's a major chapter devoted specifically to the Chinese market and how in-app ads could work for users there.

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