Instagram's claim that LitterGram name is 'not acceptable' sets off devs

Instagram recently launched a legal battle against British anti-litter app LitterGram, claiming the app's name was "not acceptable" because it infringes the trademark of its photo-sharing service.

LitterGram founder Danny Lucas responded to Instagram's complaint with a YouTube video plea to Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), which acquired Instagram in 2012

In the video plea, Lucas asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to reconsider Instagram's complaint and allow LitterGram to keep its current name. 

"Mark (Zuckerberg), I am making a personal plea to you having received a heavy-handed letter from Facebook's lawyers insisting that we change our brand, as we our seen as a threat to the Instagram app," Lucas said in his personal plea to Zuckerberg. "I would like to hope that with your own personal ambitions to help our planet that instead of spending money on lawyers and eliminating great causes such as LitterGram, you would join forces with me and help me take this forward."

LitterGram was launched last year and encourages users to snap pictures of heavy litter areas, share their images with others and work toward reducing litter.

The LitterGram app has garnered plenty of support across the UK, and Lucas' personal plea to Zuckerberg generated widespread support among the Twitterverse as well. 

Meanwhile, Instagram's claims raised questions about the use of the suffix "gram."

In the event that LitterGram loses its legal dispute with Instagram, Lucas may benefit from some of the alternative names provided by LitterGram supporters. 

How will the legal dispute between LitterGram and Instagram play out? Many questions remain, and several LitterGram supporters pointed out Instagram could target other apps, companies and names in the future, too.