iOS 7.1 beta gets developers talking on Twitter

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Apple offered developers a sneak peek at something they seem truly grateful for, based on Twitter comments: the beta version of iOS 7.1.

Though most of the changes were relatively minor, they included an option to upload 'burst mode photos' to Photo Stream for iPhone 5s users. Also, toggling 'bold text' no longer requires restarting your device as it has up to iOS 7.0.4 (this can be found in the text size menu in addition to the general accessibility menu). Notification Center too now features a new dialog when cleared and a tweaked button for clearing items, and a new 'auto HDR mode' appears in the beta.

Even if it doesn't have the splash of the iOS 7 launch, a few developers wondered aloud online whether the tweaks would have much of an impact on apps.

The answer, in many cases, was yes.

What stood out for many was a new toggle for 'dark keyboard' in the accessibility settings.

Not everyone agreed, of course.