iOS 8 beta 4 can't come soon enough for some developers

Maybe it will be "fourth time the charm" for app developers if Apple launches the next iteration of its iOS 8 beta. 

At press time rumors were circulating that the company would bring out iOS 8 beta 4 on Monday, July 21, following only a few weeks after the last version. Among other things, iOS 8 includes code for running apps side-by-side, voice messaging and a slew of other enhancements.

Though there was, of course, no official comment from Apple on its beta roadmap, some developers on Twitter claimed to be in the know about No. 4 making its debut.

There was also commentary from a number of developers about their plans to move in lock-step with iOS 8's release to the wider world.

In many cases, however, there were Tweets about problems with using earlier versions of iOS 8 beta, with some cloaking their disappointment in irony...

Others were a little more blunt.

Longtime iOS developers were focused on the future and particularly in working with things that sounded genuinely new in the platform.

And if nothing else, both Apple and developers were keeping a sense of humor about iOS 8, and app development in general.