iOS developers may soon 'pin' their hopes on being discovered via Pinterest

It's not quite an overhaul of its App Store, but iOS developers are showing some initial excitement over a recent partnership between Apple and Pinterest centered around app discovery. 

The two companies said that the popular image-board social networking service would allow users to create "app pins," which means they could mark apps and mobile games they're interested in to the various collections or "boards" of things of interest. Given how much Pinterest has grown over the last few years, this could become a digital way for Pinterest users to recommend their favorite apps to their friends. 

On Twitter, meanwhile, developers were immediately intrigued: 

"App discovery via @pinterest ? Interesting!  #gamedev" -- @mdphillipsprod

"Interesting new direction for @pinterest I agree with Evan's philopspy of getting people to do more of what they lov… " -- @vlasso

"Are you ready for Apple and Pinterest engagement party?  #mobile #apps #marketing" -- @earboz

Some thought this was a partnership that was practically inevitable, given the two firms' dovetailing interests: 

"Pinterest goes app promotion.  An Mobile UA megatrend in 2015 @eric_seufert said at #pgconnects." -- @stefanbielau

Others suggested it could also spark new rivalries in the app space.

"This could be huge for Pinterest. Massive missed opportunity for everyone else. …" -- @amar

Of course, discovery is just one aspect of marketing, and devs are certain there's a lot more to come: 

"#Apple working with #Pinterest on App discovery - now #app install ads have a new home …" -- @elie_h

"Betting Pinterest is the first of many. App Stores will turn inside out. They have to. …" -- @realcraig