iOS devs are joining in the speculation about Apple's 'Hey Siri' event

Like the rest of the world, iOS developers would like Siri to "give them a hint" about this week's Apple product launch, but they've been content to discuss the possibilities on Twitter in the meantime.

As the world gets ready for the company's "Hey Siri" event on Wednesday, rumors have been swirling about new iPhones (including the likely iPhone 6S), a super-sized iPad, a revamped Apple TV and next-gen OS updates, among other things.

On social media, developers seemed eager to share potential announcements with their peers that suggested how they might change the way they design their products:

Of course, this being an Apple event, the real fun is in pure speculation:

That being said, some of the conjecture was insightful and intriguing:

Overall, though, devs sounded like they would rather everyone admit that only Apple knows the cards it will be playing...:

"Every mac site right now:

...though they're willing to keep a sense of humor about it.