iOS devs sound irked on Twitter about a problem with Apple's security certificates

Nobody likes an error message, including developers, which is probably why iOS app makers were chatting on social media about how Apple recently responded to some of their complaints.

The company recently updated its security certificates a number of weeks ago, but some problems with caching led a number of iOS developers to experience receipt verification failures when they were putting their apps in the App Store. A letter that was posted to an online forum suggested the problem was more or less resolved, but that they should be monitoring for any additional glitches.

iOS devs sounded like they were surprised it took Apple so long to explain itself:

Others wondered why Apple wasn't more advanced from a security perspective:

There were also plenty who suggested they were still dealing with the certificate snafu:

Not everyone was ready to jump on Apple, though, especially since it took the time to send the letter:

As Apple continues to expand into new product lines, however, the company may need to step up its response time: