iPhone Dev Team mulling open source decision

The iPhone Dev Team--the group of programmers responsible for AnySIM, a widely distributed and totally unauthorized iPhone unlocking solution--announced it is giving serious consideration to open sourcing the AnySIM software in an effort to keep pace with official Apple updates while avoiding potential hazardous binary patches. In an interview with Gizmodo, an iPhone Dev Team member said "All the core members of the team are OK with open sourcing it. Now we are checking to see if the community likes the idea and see if we can grow support for it. We want to be sure quality software, however, not have a bin-patch-mania of pieces of our hard work by other people. We are sure that open source people will submit their stuff to the tree so the software gets better…It opens a lot of possibilities for the future and anyone will be able to participate with quality code."

For more on the iPhone Dev Team's open source discussion:
-read this Gizmodo article

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