JavaOne for mobile developers

JavaOne for mobile developers
I'm holding out for good news from Sun regarding the SavaJe Mobile Platform. I've written about the SavaJe saga before, but this week we should finally learn what Sun has in store for the breakthrough mobile Java platform. There's some speculation a relaunched SavaJe Jasper S20 will again be Device of the Show, though I'd imagine it will have a new name.

Sun's Terrence Barr posted a semi-official J2ME guide for JavaOne, but I'd also like to draw special attention to two presentations:

  • Akhil Arora and Vincent Hardy are talking about AJAX and Java ME on Wednesday at 6:35 pm (see the Sun interview for more).
  • Pia Niemela, Stephen Lewontin and Jean-Yves Bitterlich are presenting "Web Services to Go: Mobile Access to Web Services with JSRs 279 and 280" today, Tuesday, at 4:40 pm.

- Eli