JiWire: 37% of consumers are using mobile wallets

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with mobile wallets. According to Mobile Audience Insights Report from JiWire, a location-based mobile advertising company that surveys consumers who access public Wi-Fi hotspots, 37 percent of consumers have used a mobile wallet from their smartphones or tablets in the past three months.

PayPal is the most popular payment service with 46 percent of mobile wallet users, 29 percent use Amazon and 18 percent use Google Wallet (NASDAQ:GOOG).


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The firm also evaluated use of location-based services and found that the vast majority of business executives frequently use location-based apps. For example, 73 percent of small business owners are regular location-based app users, with 57 percent using the apps daily and 16 percent using them weekly. And 70 percent of C-level executives are routine users, with 56 percent using location apps daily and 14 percent using them weekly.  

The most popular location-based app categories are travel, weather and social networking. Booking reservations is the most popular location service. Finding nearby businesses is also popular.

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