JuiceCaster adds geotagging


Mobile social networking service provider Juice Wireless announced the addition of location-based geotagging to its flagship JuiceCaster service, enabling users to upload location-specific photos and videos to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and related sites.

The geotagging feature enables users to employ a video's location information as a friend-finding tool--JuiceCaster also immediately notifies users when someone updates their status in a nearby area, and facilitates content searches based on specific location criteria.  Location is only viewable by authorized contacts, and the feature may be disabled.

Nick Desai, CEO and co-founder of Juice Wireless, says that on the BREW platform, the geotagging feature uses GPS to tag the content. "The BREW API makes it easy for us to access core functions of the phone at the firmware and operating system level," Desai said. "We can integrate with your address book on your phone and with the camera. All those things BREW makes easier with robust APIs."

The JuiceCaster application is a paid application that typically costs $2.99 per month.