Keynote offers on-demand mobile testing

News from CTIA I.T. Wireless and Entertainment 2007 in San Francisco: Test and measurement firm Keynote Systems has created an affordable method for small developers and content creators to monitor their applications and improve the customer experience. Keynote is offering shared mobile infrastructure in 10 locations worldwide--initially, the monitoring services will be available in San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Chicago, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Nuremberg and Toronto. Testing services will be available in San Francisco and Nuremberg. Both services will be available through real and emulated devices. Monitoring services are available starting at $500 per measurement for a single device with one carrier. On the testing side, for $500 per day, developers can have access to four different emulated devices in a single location with one carrier.

In other news, Keynote also is debuting a weekly performance ranking of 10 popular mobile Internet sites compiled from measurements taken on multiple carriers from different locations. The company will use its shared mobile infrastructure to compile the data. -Sue