Keynote puts its MITE to the test

Mobile and web testing/measurement solutions provider Keynote Systems announced the launch of its Keynote Mobile Interactive Testing Environment (MITE), promising developers a desktop-based device emulation tool to interactively trial and validate mobile content across more than 1500 different handsets. According to Keynote, MITE offers an efficient and cost-effective means to test content against device profiles, guaranteeing web content will render correctly in relation to a given handset's capabilities, screen size and browser. MITE also enables users to create new device and network profiles from the desktop for instantaneous feedback, see download times for the entire web page and all the redirections taken by the browser to download the site, record and playback via advanced scripting features (e.g., conditioning coding) and play back audio and video files as well as images to ensure compatibility.

Developers may now download free 15-day MITE trials--according to Keynote's mobile product manager Nisheeth Mohan, annual subscriptions are priced at $1,500. "We're striving towards a community for mobile web developers--we want to help them perform their duties better," Mohan said in an interview with FierceDeveloper. "We want to build a forum where users can collaborate and come up with best practices, and improve the overall end-user experience on mobile. There's a lot of potential for the mobile web, but for the subscriber numbers to go up, there needs to be some big changes made--with MITE, service providers can improve the performance of their content and drive up web penetration."

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