KongZhong goes to the Opera

Chinese content and media provider KongZhong Corporation announced a strategic partner agreement with Opera Software to introduce a branded KongZhong Opera browser solution enabling Chinese consumers to surf both traditional Internet sites and WAP sites via mobile handset. Per terms of the agreement, Opera will develop the customized browser, installing KongZhong's Kong.net portal as the default home page--the companies said they expect KongZhong Opera to generate revenues from advertising, search services and related sources.  

"As the developer of the very popular Opera browser, Opera has a large amount of users from PCs, cell phones, pocket PCs and even certain types of game consoles," said Mr. KongZhong president Nick Yang in a prepared statement. "On the other hand, Kong.net is one of the leading wireless Internet portals in China. This strategic partnership offers mobile phone users the best products of the two companies. We expect that great distribution of KongZhong Opera browser will bring increased traffic to Kong.net, strengthen our brand awareness and enhance our leadership position in the wireless Internet industry."

For more on KongZhong Opera:
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