LiMo Foundation announces platform updates

Open source mobile consortium the LiMo Foundation announced that all technologies specified for the R2 release of its mobile Linux platform have been contributed on time, with members now introducing LiMo Reference Implementations to ease the deployment of LiMo-based devices. The LiMo Reference Implementations include source code contributions from members like Access, Azingo, LG Electronics, Purple Labs and Samsung Electronics as well as components originated via open source communities--the new technologies offer support for advanced multimedia, location-based services, device management and enhanced security. "This announcement speaks to the maturation of the LiMo Platform--all of the components for R2 have been contributed, and now we're working to integrate everything into a bundled platform," said LiMo Foundation director of global marketing Andrew Shikiar in an interview with FierceDeveloper.

In addition, LiMo Foundation announced its endorsement of the OMTP BONDI specification, which enables a multitude of diverse web applications to leverage native mobile device functionalities including calendar, camera or contact services--the organization adds that future LiMo handsets that use a web runtime will support the BONDI specification, enabling developers to write web applications and widgets that run across myriad devices. "There's a lot of complexity in porting to each platform and dealing with proprietary runtimes," Shikiar said. "That changes when you have a large set of handsets that support an open, non-proprietary platform."

According to the LiMo Foundation, operator members NTT DOCOMO, Orange, SK Telecom, Telefónica, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, KTF, SFR, Softbank Mobile and Telecom Italia have all committed to specifying and delivering LiMo Platform-powered handsets in 2009. To date, 33 commercial handset models have been certified as LiMo Compliant, among them devices from NEC and Panasonic alongside new prototype models from LG Electronics and Samsung. "You're seeing the tangible maturation of the LiMo community and the LiMo Platform--everything is pulling together, and the deliverables are becoming more significant and more impactful," Shikiar said. "Thirty-three handsets in an important number--it shows that the platform is commercially hardened and commercially proven."

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