LiMo Foundation unveils seven new handsets

Open source mobile consortium the LiMo Foundation announced seven new devices based on its Linux-based LiMo Platform. The handsets--Motorola's Motozine ZN5, NEC's FOMA N906i, FOMA N906iμ, FOMA N906iL, FOMA N706i, Panasonic's FOMA P906i and FOMA P706iμ--bring the total of available LiMo device models to 21. Several of the newest phones promise features like international HSDPA roaming capabilities, GPS, mobile TV and advanced video streaming, secure payment and advanced mail functionalities, as well as higher resolution displays and more intuitive user interfaces. In a related announcement, LiMo added 11 new member companies: Cellon, Esmertec, Freescale Semiconductor, Longcheer Holdings, MIZI Research, Movial Corporation, PacketVideo Corporation, SK Innoace, Telecom Italia, VirtualLogix and ZTE Corporation. The consortium's ranks now total more than 50 members.

For more on the new LiMo devices:
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