Localytics: High-end Android phones offer 40% better app engagement than iPhone 6

Android users sporting newer and more expensive devices are 40 percent more engaged with mobile apps than their iOS counterparts walking around with the iPhone 6, according to Localytics. The firm delved into Android fragmentation by looking at major OS versions installed across millions of devices since 2012. To study engagement, Localytics said it examined the average app launches for different devices. The subset of high-end Android phones included the Samsung S5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3, Nexus 5 and 6, Motorola Moto X and HTC One (M8). 

  • High-end Android devices see an average of 21.6 app launches per month.
  • The level of engagement on high-end Android devices is 44 percent higher than other Android smartphones (which see 13.7 launches per month).
  • Currently, 90 percent of all Android devices are running on one of two Android OS versions: KitKat (59 percent) or Jelly Bean (31 percent).
  • Apple still wins out from an OS share perspective, with iOS 8 making up 71 percent of all iOS devices, and iOS 7 still operating on 26 percent of devices.

"For developers who haven't yet launched their apps, do your research to understand the various features of Android models. If you think your app could benefit from utilizing one of the Android-only features, you may decide to launch on Android first or at the very least create a design that supports the uniqueness of those models' engagement features," the report said. "Understanding the data around engagement and fragmentation is just the tip of the iceberg when deciding which platform to develop for, but it's an important one."

The Localytics study certainly debunks the theory that iPhones are for the mobile app elite and that Android users are cheaper, less interested in apps and prone to the bugs that come with platform fragmentation. Developers have often suggested that one of the  other challenges with Android is the testing required to ensure their apps work properly across the wide range of smartphones. Although there are more tools to assist with this issue, this data suggests that they might be better off prioritizing for those who want a premium Android experience--where premium Android apps become part of the justification for the bigger price point.

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