Location Labs launches mobile geofencing platform

Mobile location-as-a-service infrastructure and applications provider Location Labs introduced its geofencing platform, promising iPhone and Android developers the tools to efficiently and accurately define virtual boundaries on smartphones or in the cloud. Targeting application categories including interactive billboard advertising, mobile couponing and location-based social networking, the Location Labs platform also includes a Spatial Storage solution offering API access to third party location data combined with geofencing--in addition, developers can push location and application data to the cloud to run context-aware searches. For more information on the Location Labs API and to download the geofencing SDK, click here.

Last month, Location Labs launched DriveSmart Plus, a new solution developed to curb texting while driving. Optimized for T-Mobile USA subscribers with Android-based smartphones, the subscription-based, opt-in DriveSmart Plus automatically detects when the user is behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, setting the device into 'Driving Mode' and disabling most texting and calling functions. Location Labs adds that while the Android device is in Driving Mode, all incoming calls go directly to voicemail, while incoming text messages are met with an auto-response alert notifying the sender that the recipient is driving and presently unavailable.

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