Microsoft confirms kill switch for Windows Marketplace apps

Microsoft will incorporate a remote "kill switch" to remove Windows Marketplace for Mobile applications from users' phones in the event the software giant decides to pull the app from sale via the virtual storefront. Speaking at the Microsoft Tech.Ed New Zealand 2009 event, Windows Mobile group senior technical product manager Loke Uei Tan said that if a WinMo app is approved but later yanked from Windows Marketplace, it will be automatically deleted from users' handsets--he did not address specifics of the process, however, nor how a refund system for stricken premium apps would work.

Other details from the Loke Uei presentation, as reported by Geekzone:

  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile will initially launch in 29 countries.
  • Revenue sharing is always 70/30 for developers--in the event an operator enters the equation, Microsoft will pay the operator's share from its 30 percent share.
  • It costs $99 to enroll your first five applications, and $99 each for all subsequent app submissions. Upgrades are free, but changing an application from "free" to "paid" is not considered an upgrade.
  • Even if an application is rejected from the marketplace it is still possible for developers to sell it through other channels.
  • The Windows Marketplace client software will notify users when updates are available--users can choose to install them when they want.
  • Software can be reinstalled and activated up to five times in the event a phone is lost, stolen or damaged, or if the consumer upgrades to a new device.

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