Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 kill switch

Microsoft executives confirm the new Windows Phone 7 operating system incorporates a kill switch enabling the software giant to remotely strike down Windows Phone Marketplace applications or content posing security or privacy risks. "We don't really talk about it publicly because the focus is on testing of apps to make sure they're okay, but in the rare event that we need to, we have the tools to take action," Windows Phone Marketplace director of product management Todd Biggs tells PC Pro. "Marketplace is a complex operation and we need to have the capability for dealing with different situations." Biggs adds that Microsoft's strenuous application testing protocols will identify the vast majority of rogue apps prior to entering the Marketplace storefront.

Microsoft's senior director of Windows Phone product management Todd Brix explains to CNet that in the event the company pinpoints a problem with an application, it will first contact the developer in hopes of resolving the issue--if that approach is unsuccessful, Microsoft will then leverage the WP7 kill switch in an effort to minimize consumer damage. "It's about making sure we have access to high quality apps--a broad selection of apps--and music and other types of content through that shopping experience, and to be able to download and purchase with convenience and confidence," Brix said. "We don't have any secret rules. We publish all the test cases--we certify those against what users test to... This is common sense protection for the general consumer."

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